Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Most of you know that Maddie is getting baptised this Saturday. We have lots and lots of family coming in town to celebrate with us. Dan and I are always talking about renovations we want to make on this house, but now we have had a reason to do them!! Thank goodness all of our shows (except for "Lost") are over, so now we can't be lazy. Home Depot was our first stop. It has been pouring rain so my "fox gloves" look a little beaten up, but for the most part our yard is looking great!!
I finally found a hook for Maddie's room. I painted it myself. Maddie loves it and we can finally take down the tacky tape that was holding it up.
The kids have been great sports. Zach has had to sleep in the "Grandma room" this weekend so we could paint his wall.
As you can see, Zach's wall is very blue, but would you expect anything less from BYU fans?? Zach wanted the entire room blue, but with it being so dark, we convinced him that one wall was good for now.
Maddie finally got her bed frame. This picture isn't very good, but it sort of resembles a princess crown--totally fit for a diva! (My nickname for Maddie)
Our kitchen wall is my favorite! It looks amazing, and only caused a little fighting between Dan and I, which is a joke between the two of us. Painting brings out the worst in us. Dan did an awesome job!! And the marriage remains solid!!
Finally, a busy week at the Dinger house could not go perfect--it never does. After Dan had finished painting our beautiful red wall in the kitchen, he was at the sink washing out one of the paint brushes. I was up stairs, when I heard Dan yell, "Oh! Jackson, you have got to be kidding me!!!" I ran downstairs, only to find Jackson with the paint roller in hand, very proud of his paint job. I must be demented, because after the initial reaction of anger, I couldn't wait to post a picture of it on my blog!!!! I am sick!!!

This week has been very busy, but I know when I can show it off this weekend it will have been worth it! Maddie's baptism is this Saturday at 6:30 pm in the Stake Center. All are welcome to come and support her. I can't believe I am old enough to have a daughter getting baptised. Saturday will be a busy day because Zach has his first baseball game! He is so excited.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My All Star

Zach started baseball on Monday. He has been asking when it starts for the past two months. I don't know who was more excited for baseball to start, Dan or Zach. Zach's practice didn't start until 6:30 pm Monday evening, but Dan was home before 5:00 claiming that he needed to help Zach warm up. Dan was having all the kids get in the car 20 minutes before practice even started (it only takes us 3 minutes to get to the school where the practice was being held!)
The best part for me was Zachary's face all during practice. He grinned from ear to ear. He has been such a trooper the past few years following Maddie to cheerleading, ballet, therapy, etc. Now he has something all his own.

Zach seemed to be on the same playing level as most of the other kids. They played catch to get warmed up and Zach didn't catch one ball, but his pitches were great. Most of the kids seemed to do the same. He did come off the field at the end of practice saying, "Dad, you never told me about second and third!!" Since we have such a small backyard Dan has had Zach run to first base after he hits the ball. Zach was surprised to see that there were three other bases to run too!
Zach's team is called the Royals and he should be getting a shirt and hat very soon. I am so excited Zach has something all his own. He wants desperately to be a real baseball player when he grows up.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Two Things To Celebrate

May 18th is a big day for my family. My amazing mom turns the big 6 - 0 today, but she doesn't look a year over 30! She is the most amazing and beautiful woman I know and I hope to grow up to be just like her one day! Happy Birthday mom!
This picture below was taken of my parents fifteen years ago. Add a few gray hairs and they haven't changed much! Don't you think my dad is super cute?? I can see so much of me in this picture of my mom.
My sister, Megan, was married two years ago today. She and Garrett live my dream life, and are on their way to New York this summer so Garrett can go to dental school. You guys are amazing. Garrett, thanks for making my little sis so happy!

I don't have one good picture of Megan and Garrett together, this was all I could find. Garwett, Maddie says "Hi!"

Happy Birthday Mom!! and Happy Anniversary Megan and G!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Meet Jackers

After reading some of my past posts I have realized that Maddie dominates the blog. I have decided that even though the boys don't have as many events going on in their lives they need a few more blogs entries. Sooooooo, we'll start with Jack-Jack.

Last week Dan and I were having a very deep conversation with our 2 1/2 year old. Dan asked Jack-Jack what his name was. Jack got a funny look on his face and said "Jackers!" He thought he was very funny, but since then has decided that his name is Jackers and needs to be called that. If I forget to call him Jackers, he sometimes interupts me and yells, "it Jackers mom!"

This underwear shot was very funny. We have done a little potty training, but really he is more interested in wearing underwear around the house over his diaper. When "Jackers" isn't in his underwear he is either wearing dress-up clothes, or he is in a dirty shirt from the previous meal he has eaten. Infact, today I had just gotten him dressed and went to help Zach find socks. It was unusually quiet for a moment which made me nervous. I went downstairs to see if I could find Jackson. He was in the kitchen with two sippy cups and the bottle of Hershey's chocolate sauce. I ran over to intervene, knowing I was already too late. He was sitting in a chocolate sauce pool but was quite proud of himself. He could tell I was angry and said, "sorry mom, I was just makin' chocolate milk big kid cups for me and Zach." As angry as I was, I couldn't help but think what a kind thing he was trying to do. He had actually gone in the fridge by himself and pulled out the chocolate sauce, he is too smart for his own good.
Last Friday Maddie was singing a song. When she was finished Jackson said, "Here's your yellow ticket, you goin' to Hollywood dawg!" I think he gets a little too much American Idol at our house.

As crazy as Jack-Jack is, our family wouldn't be complete without him. He certainly makes me smile most of the time!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Birthday Bash

I think Maddie had a fantastic day. I woke her up for school this morning and I asked her what she thought of her birthday yesterday, her exact words were "it was amazing!!" I then asked her what her favorite part of her birthday was and she gave me a look and said, "don't be mad." I asked her why I would be mad and she said, "Mom, I love the bike that you and Dad gave me, but I really loved the Hannah Montana Barbie and Build-A-Bear from my grandma's."
Maddie had a busy day. Dan drove down to Maddie's school and brought her a Happy Meal from McDonald's. Dan said it was nice to have lunch together, and the Maddie felt very special.
After school, Maddie rushed through her homework so we could go to PoJo's (a lot like Chucky Cheese's) I refuse to eat at those places, but for $10.00 all of my kids got to ride on the Merry-Go-Round, and they got more token's then they new what to do with! Dan met us there after work and helped with the kids.
We came home and ate homemade chicken noodle soup (at Maddie's request) and had Hannah Montana cake. It doesn't look very good because Jackson put his hands in it a few hours earlier so I had to fix a lot of it and call it good. (a side note: we learned a few years ago that Walmart will sell you their cake toppers for less than five dollars to put on your own cakes, we use their toppers every time!)
Maddie could not fall asleep last night, she was so pumped from all of the festivities that day!! I think she had a special day. Thanks for all your calls and cards!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Maddie

Happy Birthday Maddie!!!!

My little Maddie is not so little any more!! May 12, 2000 Madison Raye Dinger joined our small family at 5:24 pm. We brought her home on Mother's Day, and as a new mom I was terrified! Most people don't know this, but Maddie was originally going to be named Faith. Does she look like a Faith to you?? She looks much more like a Maddie Paddie to me. She was actually named after our U.S. president James Madison, although Maddie claims to hate the name Madison.

Maddie is now in the second grade. She loves having friends and is a very social girl. She is an amazing speller and a very good reader. Maddie still loves anything princess, but has really gotten into Hannah Montana (her birthday theme this year) and High School Musical. She loves to sing, and dance, and play outside. Maddie is my little diva. She is gorgeous inside and out. Maddie, Mom and Dad, and your family and friends are so proud of the decision you have made to be baptised. We love you!

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful red headed girl! (I'm not biased or anything!) Maddie you light up our lives!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Join Hands Day

Most of you don't know, but long ago I volunteered to be a Youth Service Club leader for Modern Woodmen of America (a company Dan and I buy our life insurance through). Each month my youth service club (including my children) does service throughout our community. Last September we fed the firefighters in our area. One year we planted a tree in honor of the firefighters who lost their lives in the September 11th tragedy. Another month we cleaned a neighborhood park. We often donate blankets to the local women's shelter. Anyway, this past Saturday was Join Hands Day, which is done nationally, every May on the first Saturday of that month, by all Youth Service Clubs for Modern Woodmen of America. We decided to beautify one of the elementary schools in our community and plant flowers and bushes around it.
I usually have about eight kids who help every month. This activity was so fun, because the kids really got into it. All of the kids helped plant flowers and even started picking weeds because they thought they detracted from the beauty of the flowers they planted.It only took us about 45 minutes, but we had the school looking pretty nice. Jackson was the self designated waterer and ended up with most of it all over himself. Thank goodness it was a nice day!

In the background of this bottom picture you may be able to see two white police cars. They never actually came over to see what was going on, but they stayed for quite a while to make sure we weren't actually trying to destroy the school. When we finished the kids ate yummy cupcakes and cookie bars, and our Modern Woodmen Agent gave all of the kids prizes for coming. All in all I would say my kids left feeling like they did something useful that day!
You don't have to buy life insurance through Modern Woodmen to come to our youth service club activites. It has been really rewarding to do this with my kids every month, and anyone is welcome to join us.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tiger Spirit

As many of you know, Maddie is in an adaptive cheer leading squad. She has performed for the Special Olympics several times, and her squad won first place in the State Championships. They are really very good, and have gotten very close. Tonight was a big banquet dinner to honor all of the cheerleaders. Maddie and I made it a date and hung out together. She and I both had a lot of fun. She was honored with a trophy and cheer certificate. She really loves cheer leading and has made a lot of friends. There were so many pictures from the banquet that I decided to just make it a slide show.

Maddie, this is dedicated to you. I love you! You are the biggest cheerleader in my life!

Thank You!!

Decisions, Decisions!

At the beginning of the school year Maddie's teacher suggested that we pack the kids a snack to eat during first recess, as the kids get a little hungry before lunch. Maddie, is known (so she tells me) to have the best snacks among her class mates. (I usually send her a rice krispy treat or a peanut butter granola bar, nothing special!) She often skips snack because she tells me she isn't hungry yet, and is too busy playing on the monkey bars. Her friends have caught on to this and often ask her if they can have her snack, which usually irritates me, but it is important to Maddie. She usually saves it for the bus ride home, but she has a very insistent "friend," named Sarah who is constantly begging her for her snack. There is also a boy in Maddie's class named D'mitry, from Russia. He is a very nice boy, who for some reason has decided that Maddie needs his protection and care. Wednesday Maddie was playing with both Sarah and D'mitry. Sarah asked Maddie what her snack for the day was. Maddie pulled out a Rice Krispy treat and said she didn't want it. Sarah tries to grab it from Maddie, when D'mitry stops Sarah and tells her Maddie needs it a lot more than she does. Maddie then asks D'mitry if he is hungry. He tells Maddie that boys are always hungry, but that Maddie is very skinny and should eat it herself. Maddie proceeds to tell me that she looked at Sarah who was boiling with anger and decides she has a very important decision to make. She said, "I looked at Sarah who looked snooty, and I looked at D'mitry who just looked hungry, and I decided to give it to the person who needed it the most. . . D'mitry." Sarah stormed off angry, and D'mitry shared the snack with Maddie. I just hope that this doesn't turn into a blossoming romance, because yesterday Maddie told me that D'mitry told her he liked her more than just a friend. I told Maddie that in second grade we are only aloud to have friends. Maddie then wanted to know when it was okay to be more than friends. I told her she would have to wait until she was in college. My baby is growing up!!! Help!!!