Thursday, February 18, 2010

Keeing Busy

After Surgery

Zach is getting tired of having to stay home all week, but he has managed to keep himself pretty busy. I am surprised that he hasn't wanted to play the Wii and his Gameboy as much. Zach seems to be quite content coloring, reading, making pictures for his movie theater, and playing quietly in his room. Today as we colored together Zach and I had a pretty good talk. Our one on one talks have confirmed to me that Zach is a really good kid with hopes and dreams that make a mom proud.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Move over Spielberg meet Zach

While recovering from surgery Zach (with a little help from Grandma) made his own Pokemon movie. I made the popcorn and tickets. We had a fun afternoon. Grandmas' are great because they come up with some pretty fun ideas. It was a three hour project, but Zach was completely entertained!!
For those of you who don't know, Zach went in for surgery Monday. He had a sphincter pharyngoplasty done which you can read all about here and here. Basically having this surgery will force Zach to speak through his mouth rather than his nose. He can still breath through his nose, but his speech should be much more understandable as the air flow travels through to his mouth causing his speech to sound much clearer instead of sounding nasal-ey. He had to spend the night in the hospital, but came home the next day.

He has been watching TV, and playing Wii, but was getting pretty bored by this afternoon. He and Grandma made a shadow-box, colored Pokemon pictures, set up chairs, and got tickets ready. He first presented his movie to his stuffed animals. They thought it deserved an Oscar. Maddie and Jackson loved it too, and would like to made a sequel. Zach is very proud.

He should be back to school next Monday, but he may even want to try going for a few hours on Friday. He is such a good kid.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm In Love

I may not be a decorator, but Dan and I have had a lot of fun decorating our loft upstairs. Yesterday I introduced Dan to Hobby Lobby and I think he was impressed. He even bought me a ladder thing to hold some of my many pictures (I have wanted one for years!!). I also stole an idea from my sister-in-law and put a big "D" on one of my walls. Jackson was convinced the "D" stood for "Dad." I had to make myself stay away from Hobby Lobby today because it is very easy to spend money there!!
It is almost complete. . .I just need curtains, but they may need to wait until I know Jackson has the will-power to leave them alone. . .it could be years!!