Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just Say No

Maddie had to get some blood drawn yesterday at St. Lukes Medical Center. The phlebotomist had just opened the alcohol envelope to wipe Maddie's arm clean when Maddie shot out of the chair and said "What is that?" The women explained that she needed to rub the alcohol on her arm to get it clean before she put the needle in. Maddie then said "I don't do drugs, my church says it is not allowed." The phlebotomist explained that this was rubbing alcohol not drinking alcohol and that it would be okay to use. I stepped in and told Maddie that it was okay to use rubbing alcohol, and that I was proud of her of standing up for something that was very important. Maddie was still very worried and asked if she would have to go to the bishop for breaking a commandment. I explained again as best as I could that it would be okay. She reluctantly sat back down and let the phlebotomist go about her business, but I could hear several others in the hallway laughing and talking about how cute Maddie had been. I guess I don't have to worry about Maddie doing drugs or becoming a drunk!! You go girl!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Zach's Breakfast Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this food, please bless it.

Please make it summer. . .again. . . right now. . .please!!


He's a boy after my own heart!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day

And after. . .a little hot chocolate!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Another Hilarious Story

So, Maddie has really said some hilarious things these past few days. Last month I took the kids to the pediatricians office to get their flu shots. I actually had them get the flu mist-- which if you don't know what it is, the nurse sticks a little syringe up your nose and shoots the flu vaccine through your nose so you don't have to go through the trauma of getting a shot. Needless to say, Maddie didn't like it very much and claimed she never wanted to go back there again. Well, I had to take Maddie to the doctor today. I'll spare you all the details of her visit, but as we pulled into the parking lot her exact words were, "Oh no! I remember this place, this is where they put water up my nose; what are they going to do this time give me a shot up my bum???" We both laughed really hard all the way inside.

Two Funny Stories

Saturday night we decided to take the family out to do a little Christmas shopping. Zach was sitting in the back of the car when announced, "Today is Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday, the boring-est day of all!!

Zach has never been a fan of sacrament meeting and pouts all morning while getting ready for church.

Now for the funniest story ever!!

Dan really wants a Boston Red Sox hat for Christmas. We decided to go to the mall and check out all of the sports stores. We entered a really small store--10 people would make it crowded!! It was full of BSU stuff. We start to go inside and Zach yells, "EEwwww BSU stuff, I hate BSU, I'm not going in there!" I shushed Zach as quickly as I could and told him it was okay to come inside. Maddie was inside this small store and announces to Dan as loud as she could, "Dad, I don't like BSU anymore. . .Now do you like me???" The other people in the store began to chuckle and the two guys that worked there (dressed in all BSU garb) laughed even harder. We were all really embarrassed. So to lighten the mood I replied, "Well, I guess you know our family's dirty little secret." Dan and I hurried the kids out as fast as we possibly could.

Dan has always been very vocal about his love for BYU and his hatred for BSU, but since that night he has swallowed his pride and told Maddie she could like any school she wanted and that BSU wasn't a naughty school. I could tell by Dan's face that he couldn't believe what he was actually telling Maddie, but trying hard to make it sound convincing. . .it serves Dan right!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Top 10 Most Memorable Thanksgiving Moments

10. Thanksgiving dinner--amazing as always. I think we should eat the pies the day before because there is never enough room to thoroughly enjoy the pie at the end of such a great meal!

9. Swimming with Grandpa--a tradition the kids look forward too every time they come.

8. Baby Ashlyn--The blessing was beautiful. Ash is such an adorable baby. Good job Steph and Eric, she was dressed so adorable every day. We never got to babysit. . .maybe next time.

7. Date night with the Dunn's--Dan and I went to Centerville and met Marinda and Matt for dinner. What a fun night!! I hated to say goodbye. Friends like the Dunn's only happen once in a life-time!!

6. Dinger Desset Night/Competition--a tradition two years in the making, or is it three? Yanira's cheesecake won, but Dan said they were all really good. Even our nine year old nephew, Brandon, submitted a chocolate cake that took third place!!! Dan and I were too lazy to make a dessert this year--actually we just didn't want to steal the glory from everyone else. I missed out because I went on a birthday shopping spree with my parents--it was so much fun!!

5. Decorating Grandma's Christmas Tree--Grandma Dinger was nice enough to let her grand kids decorate the tree this year. She even had ornaments for them to decorate and put on their own tree. My kids loved it. The tree looked great!

4. Ikea--I will never get tired of that store. Dan's brother had never been so it was like watching a kid in a candy store. . .very funny! I never made it to Tai Pan, but after Ikea I was too poor to even go.

3. The Christmas House--my parents took the kids to this house whose Christmas lights are synchronized to a radio station that plays Christmas music. Cars were lined up around the block to see this house. My kids were mesmerized. It was pretty amazing, Dan and I drove by it on the way home from our date. The kids also went to Thanksgiving Point and said that it was beautiful too. My parents took the kids out while Dan and I were on a date. It sounds like they had a fun evening out!

2. Jackson's Ear Infection--11:00 Friday night Jackson woke up crying. We were grumpy parents having to be up all night until we noticed puss coming out of Jackson's ear. After a priesthood blessing at 2:00 in the morning he slept all night. We took him to an insta care in the morning and found out it was a double ear infection!! Poor kid, he felt much better once the ear drum had burst.

1. Build-A-Bear--Zach got his long awaited BYU Build-A-Bear dog Grandma and Granpa gave him for his birthday and Jackson got a black bear for being potty trained. Maddie even got a winter hat to keep her bear warm in the winter. They had so much fun. We were there for an hour and a half!! It is amazing after all is said-and-done that a dressed stuffed animal can cost anywhere from $25.00-$40.00!! They all turned out so cute!
As you can tell we had a really busy and fun Thanksgiving week! Now it is time to decorate my house and put up my tree. Time flies!

Zach's Birthday

So, I am about 10 days late, but I wanted to put some of Zach's birthday pictures up on the blog. Zach had three birthday parties!! We had a family birthday for him on his actual birthday. John's family helped us celebrate it. His theme this year was centered around sports, so his first birthday cake was a BYU basketball cake. It looked pretty good if you ask me.

Saturday afternoon Zach invited some boys from his kindergarten class to come to his birthday party. It was a blast. The boys were so nice and excited about coming to a party. It was Zach first birthday party with friends and he loved it. It too was a sports themed party. The boys played a football game that was much like pin the tail on the donkey-- but they had to stick the football in the goal post blindfolded. Then we had a ballpark lunch which consisted of Nachos, Hot Dogs, popcorn, and root beer. Then we had all the boys go outside to hit a sports pinata. Zach and Jack loved that part. Next the boys opened presents, and finally we ate baseball cake and ice cream. Zach had a smile from ear to ear all day. I think the boys had a good time, and I have decided that Zach's friends at school are such good boys!!

Last but not lease aunt Erin made a delicious roast and invited us over for a birthday lunch. Zach loved it. He got his long awaited Webkin's monkey that he has wanted for an entire year. Erin even made baseball cupcakes that were a hit!!

Zach had to wait until Thanksgiving to get his Build-A-Bear from Grandma Hansen. He specifically wanted a BYU shirt to go on it, so we had to go to Utah to get it. He was in heaven at the store and chose a really cute dog to stuff and dress up, of course with a BYU shirt. Grandma even found some cute little glasses for him. The dog even barks. Zach hasn't let Mr. BYU dog out of his sight since he got it.

I know Zach had a great birthday!!! I can't believe he is already six years old.