Sunday, January 23, 2011

Someone To Blame

One of my New Year's resolutions was to make Sunday a bit more special than other days of the week. I try to do that by limiting the outside noises of the world. For the past few weeks I have encouraged the kids to read, play games with each other, make a treat as a family, and limit the electronics. I am not against a good family movie, or a bowling tournament on the Wii, but I just have tried to make an extra effort on Sunday to keep it feeling special. Until today, I had no idea Zach was not fond of this new resolution:
Today, I had Pandora on and had it synced to church/religious music. The Tabernacle Choir was singing and I was busy getting dinner ready, and breakfast dishes cleaned up. Zach came down stairs and asked why I always listen to boring music on Sunday. I tried to explain that we have been asked to make Sundays special, and I thought listing to this type of music was a good start. His response was priceless: "Mom, I know who we can blame for this-I think it was the Jews!"

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Growing Up

Maddie is one tough little lady!
I look into her eyes and wonder how this girl could have such a positive attitude towards the trials she has faced in her life.
She is my social butterfly who loves friends. . .of all ages.
She must have a hollow leg because she eats a ton and still looks like a supermodel.
She loves to read, but loves, loves, loves quiz books and joke books the most.
She claims she is allergic to gross food.
She would own a cat if her mother wasn't afraid of them.
She secretly plays Barbies, but is afraid her friends would make fun of her if they found out.
She may have two left feet, but it doesn't keep her from learning the latest dance moves.
She keeps her head held high, even though she hates that she still limps. . .the limp won't be permanent. . .we hope!!
She grows like a weed. . . and is two feet taller than her best friend.
She actually wears the same size pants and shoes as her mother!!
She loves being a "tweenager" and her mom thinks having a shopping buddy is pretty awesome.
Today we celebrated Maddie's "awesomeness" with a lunch date and shopping. She claims after having a piece of cheesecake from the "Cheesecake Factory" she can die a happy woman. I agree.