Monday, August 31, 2009

Something We Don't Often Think About

For most of us, the way we speak and say our sounds is second nature, we don't often give it a second thought. For my children, hours and hours of speech therapy have become a way of life. Jackson started speech therapy about six months ago, and with small baby steps his speech has improved dramatically. Today, Jackson himself witnessed a dramatic change within five minutes. . .he can say the letter "K". Instead of going outside to ride his "Bi" he can now ride his "bike." Instead of wanting chocolate chip "tooties" he can now enjoy delicious chocolate chip "cookies." Today as Jackson was in therapy something clicked, and once he figured out how to say the sound he didn't want to stop. As you can imagine, I was excited, his therapist, Jami, was excited, but the most excited person of all was Jackson, he knew he had accomplished something great!! We are celebrating with cup caKes, taCoes, and anything else we can find that makes the "K" and hard "C" sound. Way to go JacK!!

P.S. like everyone else that blogs I will be posting back to school pictures soon! Yippee!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday, August 23, 2009


"Two Pant Suit"
This past weekend we went to McCall. I would call it sort of a reunion, but my little sis, Megan and her husband were missing. It was a fast trip, but we had a blast!

The main reason we came to McCall was to see "Two Pant Suit" (a.k.a. my brother's neighborhood/ward band). They played for the MS bicycle dinner/fundraiser and they sounded great!! The boys loved sleeping in the same bed. They got the giggles so bad they could hardly fall asleep.

This is my lovely mom.

She and my pop came up from Utah to spend the weekend. It was so relaxing.

My pop is the greatest guy you will ever meet.

Zach was all smiles the entire time. He also out ate everyone at The Pancake House:two pieces of french toast, scrambled eggs, a good portion of the plate size cinnamon roll, bacon, and hash browns. I don't know where he put it because he is such a bony guy!!

My hottie husband at the beach

These cousins are BFF's
Every time I look at this picture I think she could be a model.
Jackson could have stayed at the beach all day.
We have decided to do McCall a lot more next year!! It was a perfect way to end the summer.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Birthday Riddle

What do you have when you:

1. Go to the movies to see Night at the Museum
2. Go on every ride at Pojo's
3. Eat a Happy Meal at McDonalds and play at the play place for over an hour
4. Open presents, which include: doctor kit from grandma, walkie-talkies, digital camera, gumball machine, and much more!
5. blow out four candles and eat yummy cupcakes

A very tired four year old birthday boy!!!

Happy Birthday Jackson! We hope you had a great birthday!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Baby is Turning Four!

Jackson's birthday is not until Tuesday, but today we threw him a birthday party. He was so happy that the day was all about him.
His cousins' Seth and Owen came to celebrate, along with his very best buddy Keaton. (The perfect number of friends for a four year old!!)

It was a very pleasant day to spend most of the party outside. We tossed water balloons, hit a pinata, played a very "Mickey Mouse" version of Duck-Duck Goose, and even went on a treasure hunt. Jackson was in heaven.

For lunch we had Mickey Mouse chicken nuggests, Mickey Mouse cheese, and enjoyed Mickey Mouse cupcakes for dessert. You can probably tell that Jackson in a Mickey Mouse fanatic!!

Jackson loved being the center of attention. He is often over-shadowed by his brother and sister, so today was an awesome day!

Jackson, we love you and can't wait to celebrate your real birthday on Tuesday. (Now Mom and Dad need a nap!!!)