Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Rare Apology

Dear Dan,
Remember that day just before Christmas when I had second thoughts? I was worried that the Wii wouldn't go over well with the kids. Remember when I almost made you take it back? Well, I am sorry. You were right and I was wrong. Yes, I know, this is probably the first and last apology you will ever get from me; enjoy this while you can. Today I heard laughter. Today I saw high-fives. Today I saw two children (who usually seem to enjoy teasing one another) getting along. Today I saw two children complimenting one another on their skills. Today I saw the excitement of a home-run, and the thrill of getting a strike. Today I saw two kids smiling, enjoying each others company, and feeling like champions. So, today Dan you are a hero. Yes, I was wrong and you were right! Yes, today the Wii has "brought the family closer."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

9 year old's ROCK!!

Tuesday May 12, Maddie turned 9 year's old!! This had to be (by far) the funnest birthday ever. She didn't want princesses, Hannah Montana or the Jo-Bros to theme her party. She wanted a "cute cake with stripes" and an MP3 player. She didn't want a huge girlie birthday party and instead, asked if she and two or three friends could go out to lunch on Saturday.

Maddie really has grown up. In case you didn't know:

* She and I love to sing High School Musical and Taylor Swift songs as loud as we can in the car.

* She and I both love to watch kissing on TV because we are true believers in romance!

*She is as girlie as girls can get. . .purple, pink and lots of frill.

*Maddie's favorite food is homemade chicken noodle soup, spaghetti, chicken nuggets with ranch, and anything chocolate, but she is sure to eat all of her veggies before she eats any dessert!!

*She loves to dance and sing around the house.

*She wishes she had been born a princess--because she loves castles and ball gowns.

*Her dream vacation would be to visit the Eiffel Tower, or to lounge on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii.

*She loves to taunt her father by professing her love for BSU.

*She loves third grade.

*She thinks she might like to be a model when she grows up.

*She has a kind heart and has a lot of friends-- both young and old.

Maddie, we love you and we hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

An Eventful Weekend

Our family was given five tickets to watch the Boise Burn arena football game Saturday night. (To be honest, I didn't even know we had a team!!) We had never been and thought it would be a fun family experience. The kids sat through the first half pretty well. They were more interested in posing for silly pictures than watching the game, but we still had fun. We were all a little surprised that our arena football team wears pink jerseys! . . .not the most manly color, but Maddie sure thought they looked cute. Zach said his favorite part of the whole experience was the (scantily clothed) cheerleaders. It was then I realized he was definitely a male. He cheered very loud every time they ran on the field. Jackson thought it was all a bit noisy but enjoyed the treats I brought. I think Dan just enjoyed getting out and watching football. I don't think he really cared who won.

All the kids found swimming suits for the summer. Jack, of course, found everything Mickey Mouse. . .Mickey Mouse swimming suit, Mickey Mouse matching sunglasses, and Mickey Mouse flip flops. He was in Mickey Mouse heaven.

And last but not least, we planted flowers at the kids old elementary school. We had a lot of fun in the pouring rain!!!
We had a lot of family fun this weekend. I just wish the heat would return. We are all excited for summer to start.