Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Birthday Prayer

Today is Zach's Birthday, and for the past 24 hours I have been reflecting on the past six years of his life. As many of you know, Zach has had some MAJOR health issues. He is a strong kid-- and my hero because of it. Last night as I was saying my prayers I had a vivid memory. Three years ago from last night I was getting ready for bed and saying my prayers. I prayed for one thing that night: I wanted my boy to have a great birthday, with no vomiting, and no stomach problems. For those of you who don't know, Zach had been diagnosed with Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. Our gastrointerologist said it is one of the most torturous "syndromes" a person can have, with no known cure. For Zach, every eleventh day was a nightmare. He would wake up early in the morning with horrible stomach pains. He would then begin vomiting every 9-10 minutes for a good 6 to 8 hours. It would be so exhausting for him that in between vomiting he almost looked comatose, but then he would wake up screaming with pain, and start all over again. It was so painful to watch, and yet Dan and I would lay by him all night, and all day until the vomiting would stop. It took so much out of him, that he would then sleep for six or more hours. The day of his fourth birthday marked "day 11" and I was worried that this poor little boy would be sick on his birthday. I prayed for a miracle that night. Zach woke up on his birthday feeling great. We ended up having a wonderful day. However, two days later, Zach woke up very sick and had one of the worst vomiting episodes ever. . .I think it was his body making up for the two extra days it had given him.

Today, Zach has been "vomit free" (more or less) for a year and a half. Last night my prayer was much different. I couldn't help but thank Heavenly Father for my healthy little six year old, the joker of the family, the boy who does Kung Fu Panda moves, the boy who is obsessed with BYU, computer games, and space, and the boy who never goes one day without telling me how much he loves me.

Big Guy, this family wouldn't be complete without you buddy, I love you too!! Happy 6th Birthday!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh, The Places You'll Go

Yesterday was our Young Women in Excellence program. It was a beautiful night!! Out theme was "Oh, The Places You'll Go!!" inspired by the Dr. Seuss book with the same title. I actually borrowed the idea and the script from my mom's stake back home. I was amazed at how beautifully the scriptures that were used went so well with the actual story. I was in charge of much of the decorating and the little gift to give to the girls. The magnets shown above are what we gave to each girl at the end of the night. I thought they turned out so cute, they were surprisingly easy too make!!I made hot air balloon replica's out of helium filled balloons. This picture doesn't do it justice. They covered all of the tables and across the stage. It looked so colorful!
Here are the Seuss cupcakes Michelle made for dessert. They took her five hours but were well worth it! They were a hit!! The tops are actually marshmallows painted with red food dye and tooth picked to each other.
We read the story and had scriptures to go along with almost every page and presented it on a Power Point program. The girls seemed to really like it. I could not have been happier with the results. It was a wonderful evening. Now on to the next big activity for Young Women's--The game of Life, in life size!!!!! AAAAAhhhhh, it never ends!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pop Medicine

Jackson had his tonsils out yesterday, and today he is really hurting. The doctor told me that the biggest issue these next few days would be dehydration. For the past few days I have tried everything I can think of to get him to drink, but he gags or vomits or both! He also complains that it hurts to swallow. I don't blame him at all, but I also don't want him to get dehydrated and feel worse then he already does. Finally I got a medicine dropper and filled it with Sprite. It worked!! Jackson has had at least 8 ounces of "Pop Medicine" since I tried my little trick an hour ago, and now he is sound asleep. It was music to my ears as he kept asking for more and more "pop medicine." I hope with a little sleep, a little liquid, and a little sugar in him he will wake up feeling a little better. It has been a difficult 24 hours for him. When he's awake he is whimpering and when he's asleep he moans, and snores. Poor little guy!

The surgery was a success though. The doctor told me after his surgery that it was a good thing we took his tonsils when we did, because they were full of puss, and had horrible soars all over them. I hope once he heals he can enjoy the winter with a few less colds! We love you buddy!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Big Surprise!

Two months ago I was listening to the radio when I heard that "Disney on Ice" was coming to town November 7-9. The moment I heard it I knew we had to go (it's cheaper than Disneyland-- right??). I had Dan buy the tickets that day, but for two long months we have kept it a secret from the kids. Finally the night of the performance arrived. Dan and I had been secretly planning this night forever and the anticipation was almost killing me. Without giving them any hints during the day we simply told the kids to get in the car. The entire car ride they kept asking us where we were going. All we told them was that "mom and dad had a fun night planned and that it was a surprise." When we pulled up to the Taco Bell Arena Zach got really nervous and said, "if this is a BSU thing I am not going!!" Dan assured him that it had nothing to do with BSU, but Zach was not convinced. As we entered the front doors to the arena there were Disney things every where. Zach was the first to figure out what was going on since he had seen a few commercials for it. Maddie saw princess toys every where, so knew it had to be good; Jackson didn't figure it out until the lights went out and the spotlight went right to Mickey Mouse. His jaw dropped, and his mouth didn't close most of the night! He was mesmerized, as were the other two. We had a blast. It was a fantastic show and kept my kids entertained the entire time.

In other news, my Zach lost his first tooth. He was soooooo proud. It had been loose for a few days, and he was sick of it hurting while he ate, so during dinner he said, "Mom, just pull it out right now!" He laid on the couch, I got my trusty piece of toilet paper and with one yank it was out. Zach didn't even cry. I don't know what he was more excited about, Disney on Ice, or the fact that the tooth fairy was coming. He was over joyed!

So, the surprise was well worth the wait and anticipation. I have never heard so many "thankyou's in one night.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Zach Poop-Shoe/Potty-Glasses, Jack Pencil-Bum, and Maddie Hollow-Leg

Yes, there are a few stories behind my kids new names. First we'll start with my sweet Zach. He's sort of a klutz. Last week Dan was changing Jack's pull-up (Jack hasn't quite figured out how to poop in the toilet yet). Zach walks right on Jackson's disgusting diaper and ended up with poop all over his shoe. We were all grossed out, but thought it was very funny. Then the next day he was going to the bathroom when all of a sudden Zach's glasses fell into the toilet. Of course he was not about to put his hand in the urine water, so called for his mother to do it. The entire family had to come see this silly situation before we actually retrieved the glasses--we all got a good laugh. (of course I got the disgusting job of having to put my hand in the disgusting toilet. . .to Dan's credit he did say he would do it). Thus Zach is now known in our family as Zach poop-shoe/potty glasses.
Maddie has been given the name Maddie Hollow Leg because she is notorious for out eating her father and being skinny as a twig. She ate two huge bowls of Spaghetti and three large bowls of cereal tonight. . .this is very typical of her. We don't know where all the food goes. Dan has decided that she must have a hollow leg. I wish I could eat like that!!

Lat but not least is Jackson (never a dull moment with that kid!). Today all the kids were sitting around the bar eating breakfast. Jackson was busy not only eating, but drawing as well. His bus was only minutes away and he was still lacking pants. I tried to pull him away from the bar, but was met with quite a bit of opposition. After a struggle, the stool fell on my foot and I lost my hold of Jackers. He starting screaming, when I noticed a pencil literally sticking out of his little bum cheek. I freaked out, tried to pull the pencil tip out of his fanny, but only succeeded pulling the pencil, but leaving the lead. I dug the led out and got it cleaned up. It did puncture the skin, and he bled a little. I called the Dr. to see if I needed to do anything else, but was reassured he would be okay. He is now known as Jack Pencil Bum.

Aahh, the life of a mother.