Monday, July 20, 2009

Going to Jail

Due to Dan's job as a prosecutor, the children have created some sort of image in their brains that Dan and the policemen physically fight the "bad guys" and throw them in jail. It also doesn't help that we often tell them that if they don't buckle up, while riding in the car, that a policemen could take them to jail or give me a ticket. I often forget to mention all of the good things policemen do for our community. Last week the children were riding their bikes along the small street in front of our house. Dan and I were in and out of the house working on various house and yard work but still kept a pretty good eye on their where-abouts. Sometime later the boys came rushing back to the house. Jackson yelled, "Mom a policemen! A policemen stopped and talked to us." I was a little surprised but saw him proudly wearing a police sticker on his shirt, confirming his story. I asked Zach why a policemen stopped to talk to them (making sure they had not done something they shouldn't have). Zach said that the policemen thanked them for wearing their helmets while riding their bikes and wanted to make sure they weren't too far away from home. Jackson was so excited he could hardly contain his enthusiasm; he proclaimed, "Mom, policemen are nice. I was very very scared so I said, 'policemen don't take me to jail, I be a good boy!!'" I couldn't help but chuckle. The policemen gave the kids a police sticker and was on his way. I can't help but wonder what that policemen was thinking as he pulled away from my crazy three year old. Jackson is our spitfire, but he sure is cute.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

They Should of Brang their Bikes!

Zach is hilarious. We have been learning a few pioneer songs this month, including the one about pioneer children who walked, and walked, and walked, and walked. Zachary was sitting on the toilet singing this song, when suddenly he stops. A few moments pass and he begins a new addition to the song, "They should of brang their bikes! They should of brang their bikes!"

Friday, July 10, 2009

Closet Michael Jackson Fan

For years I have had to hide my love for Michael Jackson. As a child I had a poster of him in my room. I remember being so jealous of my brother when Grandma Ham gave him a Michael Jackson Barbie... which months later was given to me. I took care of that doll like it was my own child, caring for the one diamond studded glove, and changing his outfits daily. In high school I could readily give anyone a Michael Jackson high pitched squeal, and was proud of it. As a mature adult I have hidden this love, my husband is not a fan, and Micheal's freakish recent past has forced me to hid my obsession, until today. I truly believe that Michael Jackson is THE greatest entertainer of all time.

I watched the entire memorial service for Michael Jackson and was very touched by the public's outpouring of love for Michael and also his family. I am not naive enough to think his personal life was as good as his music, and I also would not be surprised if he was actually guilty of the crimes he was charged for years ago (side note****he was charged, but never found guilty**).

With that said, I will still rock out to Michael Jackson on my mp3, and will still watch most documentaries written about him. He is and always will be MY "King of Pop."

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Amish Country

We love Intercourse!! Intercourse Pennsylvania is one of the most beautiful towns I have ever been too. I tried not to be rude, so my photos where quick while I thought they weren't looking.


Dan and I wish we could have spent more time in Gettysburg. We were only there for half the day. After our two hour bus tour ended we quickly ate and jogged up to Cemetery Hill. It was such a fun adventure. The reverence on that field is unmistakable. As we started to head back to meet our bus it started raining. . .a down-pour. We ran as fast as we could but still got drenched. We have decided to take our children to Gettysburg when they are a little older, as we think it would really make them appreciate their freedom and their country.

Gettysburg was fought approximately in the middle of the Civil War. July 1-3 1863. Over 50,000 men dead and wounded . . . more than any other battle in modern history on this continent. The Civil War sometimes had brother fighting against brother, friend fighting against friend, and sometimes father against son. There was no "bad guy" in this war, just men fighting for justice, for a cause they knew was worth fighting for. It was said that after the three days of battle the farmers suffered greatly; their fields were destroyed. The town's people of Gettysburg complained that the city stunk for two hot months after the battle from rotting bodies of soldiers and their horses, along with human waste left by the soldiers. Today they are in the process of restoring the battle field to the way it would have looked back in 1863. It is a beautiful sight.

Hershey Gardens and the town of Hershey

Natural History Museum and Central Park

Our second full day was just as busy. We visited the Natural History Museum and the legendary Central Park. That night Meg made us an amazing dinner and we all stayed up playing Settlers of Catan. Megan and Garrett were great hosts, we didn't go to bed until the wee hours of the morning. I wasn't surprised, but happy to see that we all enjoyed each others company and hated our New York portion of the trip to end.

Friday (the first whole day in New York City)

Dan and I are back from our trip, and rather than writing a lot, I thought I would mainly just make a slide show. . .after all. . .a picture is worth a thousand words right??