Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Date With Jack

Jackson and I decided to go on a date last week. We decided to use our family pass to the Discovery Center. . .a favorite among my boys. It was such a relaxing morning, and Jackson got a lot of one on one time with his mom. Jackson may be my "wild card" but when it is just the two of us, he is such a delightful kid.Here, he and I were trying to decipher what animal the X-ray was showing us. Jack was amazed by the X-rays.
We always love the grocery store at the D.C. . Since we were on a date, Jackson insisted that I hold his hand most of the time. He has since asked everyday when we can go on another date to the Discovery Center. Since we have an annual pass it makes for a cheap date!!
In other news. . .Jackson is finally "poop trained!!" He has been potty trained for over six months, but today is day three of no poop accidents. We are going to get a Light-Saber at the store today for his reward. Way to go Jackers!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Repelicans vs. Democraps

Maddie's third grade class watched the inauguration of our new president a few weeks ago. Over the past few months they have discussed both political parties and even voted in November as a class. According to Maddie's class it was Obama-2 McCain-19. To my surprise Maddie was one of the two in her class to vote Obama. From the beginning of our marriage Dan and I decided to not bias our children with our political views. We are very careful when we discuss politics, and hope that when our children decide to pick a party it will be of their own choosing. (Of course Dan is hoping they swing right, and I am hoping they swing just a bit more left)

Maddie and I had a funny discussion last night, here is the condensed version:

Maddie: "Mom, why does Dad like Ronald Regan so much?"

Me: "Because Dad likes the way Regan ran our country."

Maddie: "Is Regan a Democrap or a Re-pelican?"

Me: "You mean a Democrat or a Republican?"

Maddie: "No, I mean a Demorcrap or a Re-pelican."

Me: "Well, I guess that would make Regan a Re-pelican just like Dad."

Maddie: "So are you a Democrap then?"

Me: "Yes, I am a Democrat."

Maddie: "You mean a Democrap?"

Me: "Yes, can we read Junie B. now?"

Maddie: "Mom, what is the difference?"

Me: "Are we talking Junie B?"

Maddie: "NO MOM! We are taking DEMOCRAPS and RE-PELICANS!!!"

Me: "Well, it would take all night, but to give you a simple example, right now Obama wants to use a lot of money to help people all over the United States, most Republicans think he is spending way too much money and would like to not spend so much."

Maddie: "Oh, well that makes sense because Dad is always telling me to save my money for Disneyland, so he must be a Repelican. And there is always a man standing by Walmart asking for money and you never give him any. . .does that make you a Re-pelican too?"

Me: "No, that makes me cheap."

Maddie: "Well, you must be a democrap because you always spend money at Walmart on groceries. . . I don't know which party I am because Democrap has a bad word in it, and I didn't vote for John McCain, so maybe I am not a Re-pelican either."

So, there you have it. I have the cutest daughter in the entire universe.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Maddie's American Idol Dream Crushed!!!

Every Tuesday night the kids get their homework done early because they know mom and dad will let them watch American Idol. The first few weeks the kids had a great time being Paula, Randy and Simon as they debated about whether the contestants could actually sing. Now that Hollywood week has begun Maddie's not so sure she likes Simon's rude remarks. Last night we had to turn it off early because Maddie was in tears. Simon had just told a young man that his voice was horrible and he would never have a singing career. Maddie was horrified that someone could be so rude. (Funny that she has no problem speaking in "Simon like" tone to her own brothers at times) Through tears Maddie expresses another concern, "Mom when I go to Hollywood week when I'm old enough, Simon better not speak to me that way, I guess I just can't be on American Idol if Simon is so rude!" Her dreams of becoming a super rock star have been shattered. She went to bed furious. She has dreamed for two years of receiving a golden ticket, and now it may never be. After a few minutes she comes out of her room and says, "maybe when Simon leaves the show I can go to Hollywood right?" I guess she is expecting Simon to retire in the next few years.

Maddie, I must be like every other parent out there, but if I were a judge I would give you a golden ticket.