Wednesday, February 23, 2011

VoMiT, BaRf, PuKe

Does my title grab your attention? Dan and I have been wondering (out loud) why we just can't catch a break! One kid after another always has some sort of health issue. I feel like we are constantly at some kind of doctor's office. This week we have the good old fashion 24 hour flu thing going around, which wouldn't seem too bad if Jackson hadn't lost 6 lbs two weeks earlier due to a bowl impaction. I am sick and tired of my children being sick and tired!!

Now for a bit of humor. . .Zach peed and barfed at the same time! It was hilarious and disgusting at the same time. At least he had perfect aim!!!

On a different note, poor Dr. Payne's dental hygienist had to hear 25 minutes of constant screaming while she tried to clean Zach's teeth. When I say "screaming" it was like full on screaming. The kind you do to the opposing team if the ref makes a bad call, kind of screaming. Ryan and his hygienist were awesome about the whole thing, but I was sweating by the time we got to go home! At least Ryan has to endure it only twice a year!

I love my kids, but sometimes parenthood bites!!

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